Welcome to our video page!

You can find these (and others) on our YouTube Channel.  The first three clips are the “practical” side of aikido – they were produced as “memory joggers” for the students who train with us.

The first is a reminder of our basic footwork practice Unsoku:

The second clip is a reminder of the more complicated hand-and-foot sequence Tandoku-Undo:

And this clip is a reminder of the basic Randori No Kata, the first 17 techniques which are the foundation stones of the Tomiki Aikido system:

The next batch of clips are about the “thinking” side of aikido, which we quite like!  There is so much in aikido about developing yourself as a person.  It helps you build your confidence and self-esteem and it develops the art of introspection: looking inside ourselves to see the things we need to improve.

During the Coronavirus lockdowns we weren’t able to meet together in the dojo, so this clip looks at Creating Your Own Dojo Headspace at home or at work:

One of the things which stops us all from making the progress in aikido that we’d like to achieve is the skills we all learn from an early age called procrastination and prevarication.  Basically they mean putting off till tomorrow the things we could do today (recognise that one if you have children?), and finding lots of good reasons for not going to your aikido training when it’s cold/wet/dark/etc!

And this longer clip (17 minutes) is an exploration of the five different levels of consciousness that become part of a student’s lifetime aikido journey – The Five Minds of Aikido: